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nonanic Das sind keine Stirnfalten! Das ist ein Sixpack vom Denken!

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ngIRCd ngIRCd 24 has been released, our next stable version! – Announcement: – Download:

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.@Foone Patches perhaps older MS-/PC-DOS versions that are not aware of CPUs with caches.

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rabcyr Don't talk to me or my son or my grandson or my great grandson or my great great grandson ever again

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manjusrii Computer Lib Pledge '78
"I will try not to make fun of another's computer language, even if it's COBOL

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@Foone There are not that many ZUSE Z1 around … so “RARE” being repeated several times in the title would be totally justified

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workergnome Going through old papers my dad gave me, I found his map of the internet as of May 1973.

The entire internet.

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Foone @Foone ahh, you can shim NetWare ODI drivers in packet drivers! Neat:…

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Foone Huh, didn't know this existed. Yes, that's a Lego-branded Apple II expansion card.

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knubbelmac Vannevar Bush: As we may think.…

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knubbelmac FreeBSD 11 unterstützt kein AppleTalk mehr :-/ Damit fällt FBSD11 als AFP-Server für Macs mit System 6 und 7 aus.

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The Computer Chronicles: Atari ST in San Jose’s police department……

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knubbelmac Aus welchen Gründen heute noch MacOS (sic!) 9 eingesetzt wird?…

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astrieanna Haiku's vector icon files are so small, they fit in file inodes. Their icon format is way smaller than SVG.…

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FredericJacobs It's good that the Silicon Valley became known in 70-80s, because these days it would be called JavaScript valley.

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angealbertini the legendary 8bit GUI OS [reversed] source code available!……

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FastCoDesign What it was like to work at the most important R&D lab of the past 50 years

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krakout The Atari ST and the Creative People KickStarter is BACK! fans, now's the chance!

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