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Homebrew Pascal Compiler for MS-DOS kicks off Atari-8-Bit 6502 compiler development years later:

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textfiles Hello, everyone. I am now on the hunt for INRAC, a compiler sold by INRAC Inc. - I'm doing this in conjunction with……

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marckohlbrugge How to make easy $10,000 revenue:

1. Buy $11,000 worth of salt.
2. Sell for $10,000.
3. Boom. $10,000 in revenue.……

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selzero 1 in 5 teenagers will experiment with coding. Know the signs, lack of sleep, analytical thinking, decreased social activity. Act early.

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zarawesome so apparently google groups helpfully removed half of their usenet archives at random because they may contain "mal……

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Yellowstone – an Apple II open-source FPGA based disk controller card.…

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100% kompatibler Nachbau der Soundblaster 1.0 ISA-Karte:…

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photonstorm Teeny tiny scroll bars that expand on mouse-over are the fucking worst UI decision ever.

No, wait. INVISIBLE scrol……

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LivingComputers Announcing Darkstar, a Xerox Star emulator - our follow-up to the Xerox Alto emulator, ContrAlto. The Star incorpor……

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MIT_CSAIL Java 1.0 was released in 1996. Today it's used on roughly 3 billion smartphones. (sto……

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CodeWisdom "The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit." - Anonymous

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Preserving a floppy disk with a logic analyzer and a serial cable:…

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bitsavers Just ul'ed another 5000 pages of IC data book scans…
The /components directory just passed the million page mark.

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AtariSTFan Let’s have some fun!!!

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Über das Fediverse, Mastodon und USENET clients. Und wie die gleichen Fehler neu begangen werden müssen und alles n……

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Eventphone DECT-Nummer: 7407

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TechTobi Ich mag das @YouTube-Video: 1979 Computer Store Manager Predicts Future

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Gazunta Hello.

Portal is now out for the Commodore 64.

Yes, you read that right.

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